February 27th, 2011

Minecraft Diary: Underwater Arboretum

As I explained in my last Minecraft diary entry, trying to keep a day-by-day account of my adventures in blockyland didn’t really pan out. Now I’ve spent so much time in my game world that I’ve started thinking of it more as a series of projects than as a simulated day-to-day existence. My latest project is a Rapture-style underwater arboretum that I’ve cleverly named “Atlantis Arboretum.”

Surveying by Boat

If the Flintstones designed a boat...


February 17th, 2011

Minecraft Diary, Day 957

So my brilliant plan to play Minecraft and keep an entertaining diary of the experience hit the showstopping snag of me playing Minecraft. By the time I realized how long it had been since I updated the series, I had other priorities, like coming up with an excuse for all those weeks of missed work and showering.

What day is it?


November 28th, 2010

Minecraft Diary, Day 1

I knew it would happen eventually. A celebration of retro blocky graphics? A simple and yet deceptively deep interface for constructing a virtual world? Zombies? The question was not if I’d get sucked into the little indie gem that’s taking the gaming world by storm, but when. Turns out when is now.

So I plunk down my 10 euro and register for the alpha. The game randomly generates my first world, and I find myself standing on a small sandbar a short ways off a mountainous coast.